On Ear Headphone

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Darling Nikki

Perfect for church

I bought this for my church. We have a couple of guests from time to time who have a hard time hearing. I thought it would be good to have this on hand in case it was needed. It turned out to be a big hit. It's not a hearing aid in the traditional sense. It's actually a sound amplifier. It doesn't need to be calibrated for each user so it's perfect for what we needed.

Mary U.

Clear hearing

This allows them to clearly hear everything with 6 adjustable levels they can choose how low or how loud they need it to be. This allows them to hear better without having to say "WHAT" all the time. The price is amazing and only a small fraction of the cost of hearing aids. It's so easy for them to use and remember how to use that they will be able to use it anywhere and at anytime

R. Henry

Grammy is very very happy!

94 yr old Grammy lost her latest set of hearing aids and her kids won't get her a new one. She can hear close to nothing. Until yesterday I had to sit on her right side and speak loudly into her ear. Yesterday I brought her this amplifier and she had tears because it's been so long since she could hear. We tested it and playing with the volume she could hear me from 15 ft away. Highly recommended.

Jones F

 Very useful

My son was using it, it help his tremendously. very well, he likes using it because he also wears glasses so this hearing amplifier does not press against his ear; earbuds will be used in his right or left ears. it very useful. His hearing is really bad and we could not afford another set of hearing aids every time he loses them.


Great after-sales service team

I can hear my daughter's voice clearly. I'm quite happy with the Trihear hearing aids. Trihear's customer service makes me feel valued.
When I got the hearing amplifiter, There is minor damage to the packing
So I got in touch with the seller Trihear immediately. Their after-sales service would send a replacement free of charge. Amazing after-sales service.