Trihear Convo

A New Generation of Hearing Enhancement System with Remote Microphone

  • Effective for mild to severe hearing loss
  • Ultra low latency for Remote Microphone
  • 5 levels of tone adjustment
  • 9 levels of volume control
  • 16dB digital noise reduction
  • Quick charge: 10 minutes for up to 6 hours of battery life

Sale price$199.00 USD
Model: CONVO (no on-ear headset)

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2 in 1 Remote Microphone

Hear with Clarity, Hear Beyond Boundaries

Super Easy Connection with 1 Toggle Switch

Quickly connect to the remote microphone within just 1 second, and you are ready to hear clearly and naturally in over-distances noisy situations.

Ultra-low Lantency

Engage in seamless communication with 16ms Ultra-low Latency, where every word flows naturally, ensuring a fluid and uninterrupted dialogue without any noticeable delays or disruptions.

Stay connected up to 98ft/30 meters

The remote microphone helps stream people's voice directly into your Convo from an impressive distance of up to 98ft/30 meters away.

This exceptional feature is particularly helpful for individuals who face challenges in hearing clearly in noisy environments or from a distance.

TV Streamer

Convo can also be used as a TV streamer, enhancing the viewing experience and immersing you in the content. You can effortlessly connect the remote microphone to your television, steaming crystal-clear sound straight to your earphones. Or you can place the remote microphone near the TV and enjoy watching with your loved ones.

Suitable for up to severe hearing loss

Trihear Convo is suitable for up to severe hearing loss with its 9-level volume adjustment.

Separate Volume Control for Each Ear

Beneficial for individuals who have varying degrees of hearing loss in each ear, this innovative capability allows you to independently adjust the volume for each ear, ensuring that you can customize the sound to meet your specific needs and preferences

5 Levels of Tone Control

Full control on personalization.

Whether you have high-frequency or low-frequency hearing loss, Convo supports 5 levels of tone control adjustments on bass and treble to your individual needs.

Comfortable Open Ear Domes

Unlike traditional closed ear tips that fully block the ear canal, our breakthrough open ear domes are designed to sit outside the ear canal and offers a more comfortable fit for long time use.

Quick Charge, Long Lasting Battery

Charge for 10 minutes, take for 6 hours

Ready to go at any time! Just 10 minutes of charging gives you 6 hours of battery life.

You can enjoy up to 24 hours of use with only 50 minutes of charge.

Multiple Usage Scenarios

Reviews Highlight


a well-designed tool

The Convo is a well-designed tool that allows users to increase their ability to engage in conversation. The design includes a remote microphone improves the SNR for communication, and a broad bandwidth with natural sound.


worked wonderfully 

It worked wonderfully when I used in my car this morning talking with my husband who had the remote mic.


used the Convo successfully

I used the Convo successfully in my doctor’s office and meeting with my accountant. It worked well in all environment.

Joanna Potter


The first thing that I noticed was, it worked wonderfully when I used the device in my car this morning talking with my husband who had the remote mic.

Carolyn Rhodes

great products

The best benefit of wearing Trihear Convo is it allows me to engage in conversation without saying, "Huh" or "what".

David Butler


I'm amazed at how natural sounding my wife's voice is.

Product Specification





FOG50 Max Gain


HFA full on Gain


Frequency Range


Total harmonic Distortion

≤ 3%

What's in the Box?

Trihear Convo

  1. Hearing Amplifier *1
  2. Remote Microphone *1
  3. Stereo earphone *1
  4. Open Eartips *1
  5. Closed Eartips *3
  6. Type-C Charging Cable *1
  7. 3.5mm Audio Cable *1
  8. Lanyard *1
  9. User Manual *1

Trihear Convo More

  1. Hearing Amplifier *1
  2. Remote Microphone *1
  3. Stereo earphone *1
  4. On-Ear Headphone
  5. Open Eartips *1
  6. Closed Eartips *3
  7. Type-C Charging Cable *1
  8. 3.5mm Audio Cable *1
  9. Lanyard *1
  10. User Manual *1


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