Trihear | The New Generation of Hearing Solution Providers

Trihear | The New Generation of Hearing Solution Providers
 Trihear is committed to helping people who suffering hearing loss improve their daily life. Hearing loss may be present at birth or acquired at any time afterward. It often comes on gradually as you get older, but it can sometimes happen abruptly.

Hearing aids or hearing amplifiers can help hearing loss relieve the strain of hearing. However, hearing aids or hearing amplifiers in the market have certain serious disadvantages, like: too expensive, howling, no individual settings, high background noise, low Battery usage. It is therefore important to create a hearing device which is affordable and individual. We - Trihear did it!


Hear the moment

Every moment in life is worth hearing, especially those sunny days full of joy and laughter. As people grow older, their hearing will gradually decline, which is human nature. Hearing loss is not only a physical problem, it will gradually affect the psychological level over time.

Long-term hearing loss will obviously affect a person's normal life. And the lack of communication will not only reduce the stimulation of the hearing nerve, and further lead to hearing loss, but also lead to a person’s character withdrawn and even depression. These elders who have made great contributions to the country and their families are worthy of the care of the whole society and a more decent life in their old age. And "listening well" is a key part of a good life.

Trihear: Tri-Section of Hearing

Trihear which is short for “Tri-Section for Hearing” is new generation of hearing solution provider.

For a long time, traditional hearing devices are either very expensive or cannot be individually adjusted according to individual hearing conditions.They also do not integrate algorithms such as feedback cancellation processing or noise reduction processing, which is very difficult to use.

It is time to change it!

Based on advanced semiconductor & sensor technology, leading AI acoustic algorithms, as well as the awe of hearing medicine and continuous research.

We are committed to developing simple and easy-to-use devices that can provide Individual hearing adjustment with APP and support music listening & voice call in order to enrich the life of the elderly.


Affordable hearing amplifiers that make your life different

There's no doubt that hearing aids cost a lot. The range of hearing aids prices between $1,000 up to more than $6,000 for each device, depending on the level of technology. But hearing aids can provide more individual and professional service.  If a person has hearing loss, he or she may find hearing aids more beneficial. Hearing amplifiers are wearable devices that use a microphone to pick up nearby sounds. They then process this sound and deliver it to a person’s ear at a louder volume.A person does not need a prescription to purchase a hearing amplifier. However, manufacturers do not make these devices for people with hearing loss. Instead, people can use hearing amplifiers to hear certain sounds more clearly. The price of hearing amplifiers range  from $15 to $450.

As stated in the previous paragraph,Trihear developed a kind of hearing amplifiers that both affordable and with high-tech elements to solve the shortcoming in the market.

Develop cutting-edge technologies

There are several cutting-edge technologies with Trihear hearing amplifiers . we Developed  an app for Individual needs. You don’t need an appointment with an audiologist.You can test from the app anytime. It just take you 5 minutes for the hearing test. After the test, the app will customize any bands which is suitable for you. Feedback cancellation for hearing aid users, howling is the most annoying experience. Trihear product which fusions howling suppression algorithm and adaptive filters can perfectly solve the howling problem and provide a comfortable hearing experience.

what's more, Noise suppression based on AI and Multi-mode:Hearing enhancement & Music & Voice Call are another two technologies, plug in our products. Our high-tech hearing aids reduce unwanted background noise, so you can hear what you want, wherever you are.Designed to automatically recognize and prioritize voices above all else, you’ll get crisp, superior sound quality at restaurants, concerts, and other social gatherings. Having trouble hearing in a noisy or new environment?No need to fiddle behind your ear or schedule a doctor’s appointment after the fact.Our app lets you control and customize your settings right away—and right from your smartphone.So you always have complete control of your hearing in the palm of your hand.

In addition, We also implant WDRC and long battery life in the products. When WDRC is used, the resulting loudness growth curve is very similar to that of a person with normal hearing.Soft sounds are now audible, moderate sounds comfortable, and intense sounds are perceived as loud,without having to manually adjust the volume/gain control. Our hearing amplifiers give users more than 30 hour for full charge.Our sleek case holds 4 full charges before having to be plugged in. Each 1.5-hour charge gives you 35+ hours of listening time. So you’ll always have strong and clear hearing from today well into tomorrow.


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